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Category: Cardiology

Cost-Effectiveness of Strategies to Reduce Sudden Death in Young Athletes

A strategy based on ECG results alone with cardiology referral only for athletes with abnormal results is cost-effective.

Some experts believe that routine screening of all athletes with electrocardiogram (ECG) before athletic participation will avert many cases of sudden cardiac death (SCD), but others caution that evidence for the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of this approach is lacking.

Patients' Understanding of Hypertension Affects Drug Adherence

In all ethnic groups and geographical regions, stress was perceived to be both a factor for and a consequence of hypertension.

Many patients with hypertension adhere poorly to their antihypertensive drug regimens. In this systematic review, investigators summarized the results of 53 qualitative research studies of hypertensive patients' understanding of, and experiences with, hypertension and antihypertensive drugs.

The DASH Diet Eating Plan

Why was the DASH diet ranked as the best diet, the healthiest diet, and the best diet for diabetes, two years in a row? The expert panel of physicians assembled by US New & World Reports chose DASH because it is proven to improve health, has a balance of healthy food groups, and it actually works.

Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

People with diabetes are more often achieving recommended targets for blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, but fewer than 20% are meeting all three, according to new data from an ongoing national health survey.

Doctors treating people with diabetes look at three different goals called the ABCs: A1c level (from HBA1c for diabetes), blood pressure, and cholesterol. People with diabetes who achieve these goals lower their risk of health complications and death.

How Sleep Helps the Heart

Shortened sleep can increase CRP, or C-reactive protein, which is released with stress and inflammation. "If your CRP is high, it's a risk factor for cardiovascular and heart disease," says Zee. Shortened sleep also interferes with appetite regulation. "So you may end up eating more or eating foods that are less healthy for your heart," Zee says.

Risk Factor Control Can Mitigate Danger from Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes and optimal values for five health variables had risks similar to those in people without diabetes.

Topic: Ischaemic Heart Disease in the Counties

Ischaemic Heart Disease in the counties

Cardiology Masterclass: Heart Failure

Heart Failure in the Counties

Cardiology Masterclass Discussion Question 2 : Module 3 - Heart Failure

What successes/impact have you had in the last one year in the management of heart failure in your county? .