Daktari Africa Cardiology Masterclass series 2020

From: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

To: Friday, October 30, 2020

Daktari Africa carried out the Daktari Africa Cardiology Masterclass series in partnership with Phillips Pharmaceutical Ltd. The goal of the program was to improve patient’s outcomes by updating general practitioners on key aspects of cardiology.

A total of 94 doctors from 36 counties participated in the Daktari Africa Cardiology Masterclass. There were 57 male participants and 37 female.

The program commenced on 19th August 2020 and ended on 30th October 2020. It was divided into three modules. Each module consisted of a Pre-test and Post-module assessment, webinars, and discussion questions hosted on the DaktariAfrica.com platform.

Module 1 focused on Hypertension and was facilitated by Dr. Emma Karari. The topic was further subdivided into resistant hypertension, hypertensive crisis and hypertension & co-morbidities. Module 2 was on Ischaemic Heart Disease. The facilitator was Dr. Kuria Kamau, who discussed the diagnosis and management of Chronic Ischaemic Heart Disease. Module 3 focused on Heart Failure and began on 5th October 2020 facilitated by Prof. Gerald Yonga.

The participants were awarded Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points based on attendance and participation and issued with a certificate at the end of the program. A virtual graduation ceremony was then held on 20th November 2020.